7 JavaScript Features Nobody is Talking About

7 JavaScript Features Nobody is Talking About

Most people don’t know these incredible features of JavaScript. 7 JavaScript Features Nobody is Talking About: Dynamic Imports, Templates Literals, Nullish Coalescing Operator, Optional Chaining, in Operator, JSON Object, Array Methods

Most people don’t know these incredible features of JavaScript

Do you think you know all the hidden, precious JavaScript features and tricks?

Well, I used to think the same until recently when I started to look out specifically for helpful features and tricks that are barely talked about.

Indeed JavaScript is evolving every year with the introduction of doing complex or tedious tasks in just a few lines of code, but some aspects of the language have been baked into it for years however, they are not much talked about.

Nonetheless, these features help you overcome some of the most common issues we encounter while using this language.

Below are 7 less popular features of JavaScript:

  • Dynamic Imports
  • Templates Literals
  • Nullish Coalescing Operator
  • Optional Chaining
  • in Operator
  • JSON Object
  • Array Methods

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