Rule the e-commerce market by getting hold of the Mercari Clone

Rule the e-commerce market by getting hold of the Mercari Clone

Know more about the skyrocketing demand from customers shopping in e-commerce platforms, the huge success of the Mercari platform, the core features of the Mercari clone, and the development process.

Ever since online shopping was first introduced in the world, the demand from customers has kept on increasing leading to the significant presence of a thriving e-commerce market.

It has provided more convenience for the buyers through 24×7 shopping options, greater income for the retailers, and numerous sources of revenue for the entrepreneurs. The E-commerce industry has also generated millions of jobs for delivery executives and supply chain managers along with the complete transformation of the logistics industry.

The global e-commerce market is set to witness a 14.7% annual growth rate for the next six years. It will reach a mind-boggling value of $27.15 trillion in 2027. Factors like better Internet connectivity, flexibility for retailers through B2B and B2C channels, increased smartphone usage, and lack of adequate safety measures in physical stores will contribute to the enormous demand for online shopping.

Mercari Is One Of The Fast-Growing E-Commerce Platforms Operating In Countries Like Japan And The USA. It Has Been Witnessing Triple-Digit Growth In The US With A Huge Surge In Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) And Monthly Active Users (MAU).

Mercari also made headlines last month when it announced the acceptance of payments made by users in the leading cryptocurrencies. It also plans to enter the digital trading business by launching a Crypto exchange soon. Mercari which acts as a global secondary market also teamed up with the popular platform Alibaba to sell goods in China through Taobao, an online shopping website.

Entrepreneurs aiming to gain a strong foothold in the online shopping world can partner with AppDupe for feature-rich Mercari clone app development. Our well-versed team of developers will create modern Android and iOS apps for the customers, delivery personnel, and retailers. We also provide a user-friendly web panel and an advanced admin dashboard to keep track of the daily business operations efficiently.

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