Best 5 Taxi Booking Apps To Ease Your Ride In India

Best 5 Taxi Booking Apps To Ease Your Ride In India

![Best 5 Taxi Booking Apps To Ease Your Ride In India is image title]( "Best 5 Taxi Booking Apps To Ease Your Ride In India is image title") Whenever we...

Best 5 Taxi Booking Apps To Ease Your Ride In India is image title

Whenever we want to book a taxi somewhere, we pull out our smartphones from our pocket and start opening our regular used taxi app.

The main reason which is why we use a taxi booking app is because of the cheap rates of bookings.

The offline taxies have no fixed charges they charge whatever suits them.

The charges of online taxies are depended on some fixed charges taken by the online taxi companies per kilometre.

If you are interested in opening your online taxi booking app then you can choose the same path as the below-mentioned apps to choose a taxi booking app development company to get successful in some time.

You can also save your time by going for clone scripts like uber, ola, etc.

By using the scripts of these apps you dont need to start from scratch.

These are the best taxi booking apps that can ease your ride in India. If you live in India then they might save you time and money.

All these apps are popular and easy to use. With some taps on your mobile, you can book your ride.

  • Uber

Uber is a widely popular app used for taxi booking. This app dominates the online taxi market.

Uber is available in 445 cities and 70 countries. In this app, you can pay online or in cash, both options are available in it.

This company started operating in India in the year 2013. Uber operates in all the major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai. Bangalore, Mumbai, and many more.

In India, it is available in 22 cities. It offers services in Asian countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Kenya.

The app is available in both android and IOS versions.

  • Ola

We all have heard about this taxi app. This app is the most popular in India when it comes to taxi booking.

This online taxi booking company is known for giving quality services. In the covid-19 pandemic, they had to take care of safeties of both driver and rider.

Some say it is an Indian version of Uber. Ola is also popular among app development companies and developers for making taxi booking apps.

It helps them to not start from scratch by using the codes of ola and uber apps.

In All major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, you can easily find the services of this app.

Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati started this in 2010. Right now, Ola is operating in more than 100+ Indian cities.

They have 600,000 registered vehicles, this number is increasing every day.

  • Meru Cabs

It is a popular taxi service company in India. This taxi company is based out of Mumbai.

It is providing its services in some metro cities also. Meru cabs were founded in 2007.

Calls were used to book a taxi in the starting but Later on, they have developed their app for android and iOS platforms.

The app is easy to navigate. Users can easily live track riders, check the history of ridings, and much more.

In Mumbai, Meru cabs were the prominent taxi services before the arrival of uber and ola.

It offers taxi services of Hatchback, Sedan, and SUV. This company has a tie-up with a French taxi service app ‘Taxis G7’ for global expansion.

  • Carzonrent

This taxi booking services company of India operates from New Delhi. Carzonrent company was started in the year 2000.

Nowadays, it provides its services in most of the major cities of India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Banglore, and more.

It offers end-to-end long and short-term rental services. In starting days of the company, the taxi booking was used to be done on calls.

Later on, the company has launched its Android and IOS app.

The company has collaborated with the Government of India’s “Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)” in 2015.

It provides taxi services to all railway customers under the name of EasyCabs. Book your ride by just tapping on your mobile.

  • Savaari

It is an online car rental cab booking company. They are known for their reliable car rental services. Savaari was established in the year 2006.

They provide a quality cab booking app at affordable prices in some major cities of India.

Savaari operates from 98 major cities with more than 50,000 vehicles. It has launched its app for both Android and iOS platform users.

Users can easily book the cab instantly by inserting the location in the mobile app and confirm their ride.

Savaari Car Rentals is a good India’s prominent service provider for both outstation and local areas.

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