Handyman App Development Like Uber & TaskRabbit?

Handyman App Development Like Uber & TaskRabbit?

Know cost of on demand handyman app development. Read how to develop handyman application like Uber and TaskRabbit for your business after covid.

It is very important to understand the problems faced by common people if you are planning to create Handyman app like Uber. Try to understand the overall concept and see how you can make their lives easier.

Mentioning here some of the top features for the handyman on-demand app development that startups can consider:

Transparent Pricing

The app must maintain full transparency with the users. There will be discontentment among the users if they came to know later on that there are hidden charges for the repairs or the cleaning services. All the details must be communicated like service charge, estimation, cancellation charges before they make the choice to hire.

Allows Finding Handyman Nearby

This feature is considered one of the major features of an on-demand app for the handyman. No Plumber or carpenter would travel 250 miles for the job.

Several Payment Methods

A handyman app must provide multiple payment options to its users. Seamless payment methods generally offer great convenience to users. It should be that simple that even a layman can understand the payment options to proceed with the payment.

Customer Loyalty Programs

This might be a very promising reason why users should stick to your services of an on-demand mobile app. If you want your users to repeat their business, you must send them time to time discount offers and promo codes.

Live Tracking

The users are able to track the handyman in real-time with the help of this unique feature.

Application Approval on Play Stores

We work in such a manner that whenever we are assigned with any app development project, we are not only committed to delivering a world-class app but also ensure the launching of your app on the iOS store and Google Play store.

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