The hashtag to rule them all πŸ‘‰ Analysis of company tweets

The hashtag to rule them all πŸ‘‰ Analysis of company tweets

The hashtag to rule them all πŸ‘‰ Analysis of company tweets. Data analysis of Twitter hashtags and mentions (with cool functions & plots!) Marta.

We rush through things and rarely stop to smell the flowers. The Stoics tell us to ponder the bigger picture of our lives, I decided to stop and analyse the bigger picture of our brand’s Twitter account.

We can poetically title this data analysis as πŸ’ The Smell of the Twitter Flowers.


A lot can be done with Twitter data and, trust me, I tortured it almost all the way I could (see current version of the notebook). But, for this post we’ll focus on the frequency and use of hashtags and mentions. There will soon be other posts about such delicious topics like correlations, emojis, and saddest days in the week.

πŸ‘‰ Let’s jam: The dataset

The dataset has been downloaded from Twitter Analytics, and covers the period form April to September 2020. As much as I’d love to have more, Twitter doesn’t store data going further back or, if it does, it doesn’t make it available to the account owner.

The dataset includes all the tweets sent in this period from the account @makingjam. Most of these glorious, JAMmy tweets have been written by me so any ensuing text analysis will be an insight into my marketing brain and sense of humour β€” brace yourselves.

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