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Opencart Private Shop Extension Advantages

As a customer we have noticed that many online retailers now need you to register an account before you explore their website or make any purchases. This is how restrict categories and products extension is used to secure website and keep it safe from unidentified people. Therefore, there are many programmes available to offer login security as Opencart Private shop module. The majority of them seem to merely apply the login protection across the entire site. However, the store owner is able to even tailor how to safeguard the website. This is done by using the Knowband Opencart Private Shop Extension. Instead of locking the entire storefront, admin is able to either choose from a list of Categories, Products, Pages, and IPs to secure separately or can encrypt the entire business.

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The Private Shop extension from Knowband is one of the best and most efficient ways to allow visitors to your website. The visitors are allowed to log in and view the limited pages, goods, or categories on your online store using the features of Private shop. There are various ways to invite customers to register an account. The administrator makes their online store an exclusive and private shop by using this module. This extension called Opencart Private Shop limits consumers' access to several types of information on your store.

Functionalities of Opencart private shop module

  1. Use the Private Shop module to completely privatise the online store or a single page, item, or category of the website.
  2. Customers of the registered store who wish to browse the content of the Private Shop are able to do so with ease, thanks to this extension.
  3. Numerous features and complete admin interface customization are offered by this Opencart Private Shop extension.
  4. The admin is able to manage the look and feel of the login/signup form.

  1. The login/signup form is placed at the left, right, or centre of the website page by the admin using Private shop module.
  2. Using this plugin, the store owner specifies the login/signup page's title in several languages.
  3. The Opencart restrict categories and products module gives the admin the option of displaying or hiding the logo above the login or signup form.
  4. Using this Private shop module, the admin is able to choose whether to show or hide the customer registration option on the front end.



  1. The administrator is able to manually or automatically verify the new account.
  2. For even greater customisation, the Opencart private shop extension support the use of unique CSS and JS code.
  3. Specific IP addresses are given access to the site front using the Private Shop plugin.



  1. The admin is able to designate specific products, categories, and pages as private with the Private Shop Opencart module.

  1. The administrator examines the private customers' information through the module and keep track of them as well.
  2. The Opencart Private shop extension is responsive to mobile devices and suitable with multilingual stores.
  3. Multi-store compatibility exists with the Opencart Private shop.
  4. The SSL compatibility of the Private Shop Opencart module is present.

Advantages of this extension for store owner:

  1. The customer registration is readily approved by the admin either automatically or manually.
  2. The new user registration form on the front-end interface is shown or hidden at any time by using the features of Opencart Private shop store admin.
  3. The Opencart Private Shop plugin enables store admin to configure Google Crawl features for their store's private pages. Private pages rank in search results if the administrator permits Google to crawl them.
  4. The admin customizes the login/signup page's appearance and feel as they see fit.
  5. Using Opencart Private shop extension, the website administrator quickly restricts certain pages, goods, or categories.
  6. Since it doesn't require any source code alterations, installing and configuring this Opencart Private shop extension is simple.

Advantages of this extension for customers:

  1. Once they log in or register on the website, visitors are able to effortlessly access the restricted products and pages.
  2. The Opencart Private shop extension's layout is responsive to mobile devices, making the store accessible on mobile and tablet devices as well.
  3. The front user interface of a private store is straightforward and beautiful, giving customers a wonderful buying experience.

Please contact us at in case you want any custom changes or modification in the module. Kindly contact us if you have any queries related to this extension.

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Opencart Private Shop Extension Advantages
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Opencart REST API extensions - V3.x | Rest API Integration, Affiliate

Opencart REST API extensions - V3.x | Rest API Integration : OpenCart APIs is fully integrated with the OpenCart REST API. This is interact with your OpenCart site by sending and receiving data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) objects. Using the OpenCart REST API you can register the customers and purchasing the products and it provides data access to the content of OpenCart users like which is publicly accessible via the REST API. This APIs also provide the E-commerce Mobile Apps.

Opencart REST API 
OCRESTAPI Module allows the customer purchasing product from the website it just like E-commerce APIs its also available mobile version APIs.

Opencart Rest APIs List 
Customer Registration GET APIs.
Customer Registration POST APIs.
Customer Login GET APIs.
Customer Login POST APIs.
Checkout Confirm GET APIs.
Checkout Confirm POST APIs.

If you want to know Opencart REST API Any information, you can contact us at -
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Opencart Previous Next Products Extension | Knowband

Have you ever tried to figure out which powerful customer engagement addons you are missing in your OpenCart store? Customers are the source of a successful business. As the customer will interact in the store, there will be a simultaneous boost in revenue.
There’s no doubt that OpenCart is an amazing free and open-source eCommerce platform with almost 500K+ stores built on it. It also has 13000+ modules for the maintained functioning of the store.
But it is not possible that an OpenCart store will have all the extensions of OpenCart in it. It’s obvious that an owner will need some clarity in finding out which are the top OpenCart extensions that will suit their store.
So, don’t be troubled about searching for powerful customer engagement addons for your OpenCart store. Because you will get your every question addressed here, so be patient and read further.

Let’s now discuss what some feature-rich OpenCart extensions can be beneficial for your store.

OpenCart Private Shop module

Every eCommerce store owner is constantly looking for new ways to encourage customers to create an account in their store. Keeping this in mind, the OpenCart private shop module is the best option. The OpenCart restrict categories and products extension enables the admin to allow access to only registered customers to view the restricted products and categories in the store. With the help of the private shop OpenCart extension, you can even privatize your complete online store. This way, customers will be bound to make an account to access your store or to purchase products.

OpenCart Gift the Product module

When it is about choosing the best method through which the owner can appreciate any customer or make them feel special, the OpenCart gift the product module is the perfect approach. The OpenCart free gift addon enables vendors to give a free gift to the customers based on their cart values. The store owner can set the cart value which needs to be fulfilled by customers to be eligible for a free gift. The OpenCart freebie extension provides the best shopping experience for the customers and boosts their confidence to purchase more to achieve the free gift. Owners can use the OpenCart product purchase reward module to specify which items should be displayed to customers as gifts and which they should select.

OpenCart Previous Next extension

As an owner, you always try to provide the best and most convenient user experience for customers while shopping. The OpenCart previous next product extension is also one of the easiest ways through which you can do that. Owners can provide previous and next buttons on product pages with the help of the OpenCart navigation addon, allowing customers to view different product pages. This way, customers will not need to go back again and again to the category section to visit different product pages. The OpenCart paginator module owners can change the buttons image from the provided designs at the admin interface. This will save customers time while checking multiple product pages of the same categories.

OpenCart Back in Stock Notification extension

Sometimes, when customers visit the site for shopping, they find out that a particular product is currently out of stock. This may divert the customer’s attention away from the task at hand. So, to overcome this problem, the OpenCart back-in-stock notification extension is the right choice. The OpenCart product stock alert module enables owners to send notification alerts to customers about their desired product restocking over their mail. Customers who find out their favorite product is currently out of stock can simply subscribe to it by providing their email ID. Based on that, the OpenCart out-of-stock subscription module allows owners to send in-stock updates to the subscribed users about their subscribed products.
Additionally, the OpenCart stock alert addon allows owners to also send low stock alerts to customers about their subscribed products by setting the quantity of products. So, if the current quantity of subscribed products touches the set quantity value. The subscribers will then receive a low stock alert email about their subscribed products, allowing them to purchase them before they run out of stock.

OpenCart Automatic Related Products extension

The OpenCart automatic related products extension is the best approach by which owners can show related products suggestions to customers on different pages of the website. The owners can provide similar product suggestions to the customers based on their preferred products. The similar products addon for OpenCart allows owners to sell their new arrivals as a similar suggestion, facilitating cross-selling. This will provide a better shopping experience for customers and they will be able to select the best for them from the suggestions. The OpenCart alike products module allows admins to display the related products block on the homepage, product pages, cart pages, and many other pages respectively. Additionally, owners can also set the number of products displayed as suggestions on different pages.


If you are desiring rich customer engagement and the best shopping experience in your store, then you must prefer the above-stated OpenCart extensions. The question now is, where can you get these powerful customer engagement addons for your OpenCart store? Wait, as I previously stated, you will receive all of your query addresses here. So, Knowband provides these feature-rich OpenCart extensions at a very reasonable cost. Along with the modules, you will get 24/7 assistance from the Knowband support team if you find any trouble at any time. Grab these amazing OpenCart extensions by Knowband and witness the changing fortune of your online store.

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OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension By KnowBand

Google Shopping is majorly powered by two platforms: Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. Google Ads is the place where your shopping campaigns live and where you adjust your price , handle your bids, gain insights, and make specific optimization based on your past performance. Google Merchant Center is the place where your product feed—the information of products organized in a format set by Google.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension by Knowband provides an excellent and fully-functional integration package to the OpenCart sellers to add and show their products on the Google Shopping. The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension provides an easy way to display your items on Google Shopping and get lots of new and potential customers on your online store .
Opencart Google shopping Integration Extension

Benefits of OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension:

  • This Module makes it simpler for the store owners to integrate the store and add the products.
  • The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin makes it so easy to set up the total integration without any technical requirements. This can be simply done with few mouse clicks.
  • OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module permits product listing by creating profiles. Thus, the items can be added in bulk and inventory can be handled with ease.
  • OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension permits the store owner to easily rank their products on Google Shopping in the less time period.
  • With the help of the Google Shopping OpenCart Module , the store owner can map the categories of the OpenCart with the categories of Google Shopping.
  • The store owner can delete the category at a single mouse click from the back-interface of the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module.
  • The products attributes can be easily mapped with the attribute of Google Shopping with the help of the Google Shopping OpenCart Integrator.
  • Using OpenCart Google Shopping module sellers can upload lots of products in one click. The products of the mapped category can be listedin bulk.

If you are an Opencart store owner then you must use this Google Shopping module to list your products on the Google Shopping.

Admin Demo: Click Here

For any queries related to Google Shopping module you can reach us at

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