Write React functional components and Hooks with TypeScript

Write React functional components and Hooks with TypeScript

TypeScript is a statically typed language and it complies to JavaScript. Statically typed code is easier to maintain and harder to break

This article assumes that you are already a bit familiar with React and a bit of TypeScript. If you are not, then don’t worry I have got you covered. Go through resources below and play around with examples before proceeding with this article:

I won’t waste any of your time and directly jump into the real stuff now.

Setting up the project 👨‍💻️

We are not discussing how to set-up a React project with TypeScript from ground zero in this article. It is always good to keep things simple while starting. I have already got you covered with a GitHub template to get started without any setups. You can decide to fork the repo or just use the template to start a new project. This repo already comes with prettier, eslint, TypeScript and React setup. Bootstrapped with CRA. Find it here. Check out official React doc if you want to do your own React + TypeScript setup.

TypeScript generics refresher

Generics are tools to build re-usable software pieces. It gives us the flexibility of not tightly coupling the pieces with the types. Allowing us to re-use the code with different types while also maintaining type safety.

In TypeScript, generics are like a placeholder for types which can be inserted dynamically. An example will make things clear.

We are implementing a small function called SimpleStack for holding a list of some items. If we implement it without generics our SimpleArray declaration will only be able to hold one type of values.

type SimpleStackType = {
  data: Array<string>;
  push: (item: string) => number;
  pop: () => string;

The declaration above only allows us to make a stack of strings. If we want to make a stack of number with the above approach we need to declare a new type, replacing the string type with the number type. Now let's see the generic examples.

type SimpleStackType<T> = {
  data: Array<T>;
  push: (item: T) => number;
  pop: () => T;

T in the code above is a placeholder for a type. We can pass anything to T and the SimpleStackType will work as the type of T. Now an example of usage:

let stringStack: SimpleStackType<string>; // this like the first example with strict type of string
// but we are not limitted.

let numberStack: SimpleStackType<number>;
type Person = {
  name: string;
  age: number;
let personStack: SimpleStackType<Person>;

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