Flutter - Future of Mobile App Development?

Flutter - Future of Mobile App Development?

Flutter is Google's UI toolkit for crafting natively compiled application for mobile, Is flutter the next future of mobile apps? Know more.

Flutter is Google's UI toolkit for crafting natively compiled application for mobile, Is flutter the next future of mobile apps? Know more.

If you have witnessed the most famous musical broadway, The Hamilton – An American Musical live, you would agree that it is something not to be missed at all! All the actors perform with such sheer brilliance and fluidity. You would be surprised to know that they have a mobile application called, Hamilton, which gives you access to all things Hamilton!

So why on earth are we talking about a musical here? As amazing the show is, it is equally amazing to know that the Hamilton app was the first major app developed with Flutter, and astounded by its tremendous performance, the owners called it as an Excellent choice for Beautiful, High- performance and brand-driven revolutionary App.

Flutter, the product of Google which was released on 4th December 2018, has fluttered the app development market, leaving the other cross-platform app development frameworks behind. Initially, just like the other frameworks, Flutter was restricted to mobile (Android and iOS) app development, but now with the technological advancement, Flutter has extended its limits to web and desktop too, allowing you to develop applications for android, iOS, web, and desktop, with a single codebase.

According to a Statista report, among the various cross-platform application development frameworks available in the market, the only framework whose demand is consistently rising and has hiked in 2020 is Flutter. Though React Native is still at the top, however, consistent and the other framework observed a downfall.

Similarities between Flutter and other Cross-Platform Development Frameworks

Single Codebase A cross-platform development framework works on the idea of Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA), enabling the developer to develop applications for multiple platforms with a single codebase. This liberates the developers and the proprietors to develop the same application again for a different platform, instead, the framework converts it automatically, reducing the development time and cost.

Fast compilation Developing an application that is compatible with multiple OS is a critical task, requiring a framework to be capable of compiling the application code to the native code in the appropriate time frame as well as abiding the syntaxes of both the platforms. With the help of AOT (Ahead Of Time) and JIT (Just in Time) compilers, Flutter succeeds to compile the applications at a comparatively faster speed, resulting in higher performance.

Maintainable code Along with coding strategies for two different operating systems, there should be a wider testing scope as well, that should cover various testing criteria relevant to the operating systems. The framework should provide support for code maintenance and testing for different platforms.

Effective UI Rendering One of the most important features of a cross-platform development framework is effective UI Rendering. The framework should be able to create an effective UI rendering for both the platforms, that is the UI components of the application should render properly and appear similar on each platform.

Source/Read more: https://www.aceinfoway.com/blog/flutter-the-future-of-app-development

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