How to Prepare Becoming an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

 How to Prepare Becoming an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

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The traditional skills are fast becoming redundant, be it any kind of skill, technical or administrative. One needs to keep up with the pace of change at which the technology is changing in the business landscape. One disruptive technology that is taking over every single business sector is AI (artificial intelligence). Also, employment opportunities in the field of AI are extensive. However, there is a big misconception among a large percentage of people that people beyond forty simply cannot get into the AI domain because only young people are hired in the said sector. As per Indeed, a popular American job listing portal, AI-related jobs saw a whopping 30% increase in the last one year. But, on the contrary, the job-searching for AI roles among people has gone down by 15% during the same time period.

nother big myth attached to AI jobs is that they exist only at the tech companies. Irrespective of what stage in your career you are at, you are always free to move into the AI sector, provided you intend to upskill yourselves, and there is a constant hunger to learn. Besides, this is probably the best time to move into an AI career, given the unprecedented pace at which the said technology is booming across industry sectors, and geographies. One can always enroll in artificial intelligence certification programs that are available online in order to learn AI skills and get better at it.

AI engineer annual salaries in the US

The median annual salary of an artificial intelligence engineer in the US happens to be a whopping $115,000, which is fairly handsome by any standards. Besides, as you grow in your AI career, thereby adding on experience, the compensation too, rises accordingly.

artificial intelligence engineer technology

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