Paxful Clone Website Development

Paxful Clone Website Development

Get the paxful clone script from sellbitbuy to setup your peer to peer bitcoin exchange website like Paxful. Book live demo now.

Paxful is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange platform in the crypto marketplace. Which has 300 types of payment method option? The Paxful exchange platform has 8,000 transactions per day.

*Paxful Bitcoin Exchange Services *

The virtual link is an affiliate program carried out in the Paxful exchange platform which will allow the trader to spread a word about paxful in return for the 2% revenue will come back to the user.

This Virtual kiosk link improves the branding of Paxful bitcoin exchange website

Escrow Services - This protects sellers from false buyers by requiring bitcoin deposition in the escrow wallet. The same process will go to the buyers where they also protected from scamming seller who doesn’t deliver the bitcoin to the buyer wallet. In such a critical situation the escrow will act as a mediator and make the right solution who wants to receive the bitcoin funds ultimately.

Buying Bitcoins - If you want to buy bitcoins in the Paxful exchange platform choose the number of bitcoins you want to need, which type of currency to for the payment method, choose the exact seller to match your all requirement's and select the trading option and once the payment is sent out wait for the seller to release the coins.

Selling the Coins - The seller can post a sell request at any time while they have to deposit the bitcoins in the escrow wallet. Once the buyer finishes their payment, send the attached payment proof to the seller through chat and automatically, the bitcoin comes into the buyer wallet. Main revenue model in Paxful

They have affiliated programs it has two types tier1 and tier 2. Tier 1 consists directly signup through the link it takes 50% of escrow fees to collect and tier 2 consists of if any trader uses this link already then the new user used to the same link for signup the 20% of escrow fees collected.

*Highlights In Paxful *

Paxful being P2P Bitcoin Exchanging with a 100% escrow framework.

Paxful is an exchange platform purchasing and selling bitcoins with a free wallet.

Paxful increased 64% of Africans when comparing the current month with October last year.

Paxful has announced its partnership with Bspin Casino. The Bspin Casino has been integrated with Paxful’s \payment solution system, the Paxful Kiosk.

The Paxful Peer program will make traders to the next level There are three levels in this program Peer to Ambassador to Associate.

The Paxful introduced a bitcoin wealth preservations method for the traders.

*How can you start your exchange like paxful? *

You can start your own exchange site with paxful clone script with fully secured tested software. Sellbitbuy is topmost bitcoin & cryptocurrency software development company to get your exchange development software. We make your reliable website with technologically advanced features.

*How the admin of a Paxful Clone Platform will Make Profit? *

The owner of the website has various ways to make money this is a few steps

Posting fee -The website master/admin receives a specific amount of commission for each request posted on the exchange platform. It could be either a buyer or a seller request to post ads on the platform.

Transaction fee - The traders will be charged for each successful transaction from the wallet to another wallet inside/outside the exchange website.

You can also add more ideas to gaining huge amount of money in your Paxful trading clone.

**To know more information click here---> Paxful Clone Script


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Get the best paxful clone script from Bitdeal to launch your own crypto exchange like Paxful. Live free demo at anytime.