AutoCAD Design Training Courses You and Your Team Need Right Now!

Innovation and creativity form the crux of businesses today. Due to rampant competition and other legalities such as patents and copyrights, businesses are compelled to allocate generous funds for research and development. Design forms a main segment of the research and development process. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial for businesses to hire professionals who are well-equipped with design skills. Long gone are the days where every bit of designing was done by hand. Today, the whole process of designing has been automated so that the process is quick, accurate, easily adaptable, and cost-efficient. The designs can pertain to any field be it architecture or automobiles. AutoCAD is the most trustworthy design software available today! A product of the Autodesk software company, this software is increasingly used by top automobile and construction companies. Naturally, these companies are constantly on the lookout for professionals who can confidently operate AutoCAD and are well-versed with its diverse features. This makes AutoCAD training a prerequisite.

What is AutoCAD?

It is natural to question the need and usability of the software. AutoCAD is computer-aided design software that helps in designing projects, visualizing, creating, and editing product designs, and using simulations to predict how the product would work in the real world. It is always an advantage if the design team knows how to make use of all the features of AutoCAD.

The benefits of this software are multifold:

It improves accuracy and reduces errors- Making designs by hand is likely to be inaccurate to an extent and can also result in significant errors. However, automating the design-creating process can reduce the extent of errors and also improve precision. This makes it quicker to reach a final design by making quick modifications.

Cost-effective- While the software itself has installation and purchase costs, in the long run, the company can recover the cost and increase cost savings. This is possible since AutoCAD will reduce the cost of making modifications and alterations and speed up the development stage. So, the product can be introduced more quickly than if traditional methods were used.

Saves time- The R&D time can be reduced significantly, giving the business ample time to focus on other important factors such as marketing and sales. The business can then afford to innovate more since the R&D of the product life cycle is smaller.

Technical benefits- The technical benefits of employing AutoCAD are abundant. AutoCAD helps in the creation of a manufacturing database that contains data regarding the components, dimensions, component drawings, and models shape and specifications. It also has a layering feature that helps in visualizing a complex model by isolating individual parts and components of the whole model. AutoCAD is programmed to carry out calculations such as volume, area, center of gravity, etc. It is especially important to get these calculations right when making construction and automobile designs. Furthermore, the software can also transfer, import, and export data easily so that the design can be moved across platforms or sent to other team members.

AutoCAD is an extremely productive software with multi-fold benefits. However, to master all these skills, it is necessary to take AutoCAD training courses. This not only provides a certification but also increases credibility in the market. The certification acts as proof of your AutoCAD knowledge and expertise. Autodesk, the producer of AutoCAD software, provides several courses that give a 360 view of the software.

Two of the most popular courses and certifications include-

  1. Autodesk AutoCAD certified professional (ACP) certification
  2. Autodesk AutoCAD certified user (ACU) certification

Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional (ACP)

This AutoCAD online training certification gives you the A-Z features and uses of the software, along with some real-life experience and examples. The topics covered include:

  1. Drawing objects accurately using coordinated systems
  2. Additional drawing techniques such as blending, applying hatches and gradients
  3. Organizing objects- control layer visibility, managing layer properties, and assigning distinct properties
  4. Reusing existing content by managing block attributes
  5. Annotating drawings- using dimensions, adding multileader, and creating annotative styles.
  6. Layouts and printing by using viewpoints and plotting options.

The syllabus is comprehensive and broadly covers all the aspects of AutoCAD training. The exam is conducted online and will have 35 questions. There is a time limit of 2 hours and most questions will be data-based. More questions will require the use of the software, but some questions may be of the objective type. It will help if you have 400–1200 hours of experience with AutoCAD but it is not a prerequisite. There is no bar on the number of times you can take the exam, but you cannot take the exam more than 3 times in one year.

Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User (ACU)

This AutoCAD online training certification is an entry-level certification that is recognized across industries. This course is less technical than the AutoCAD certified professional (ACP) course and is meant for students looking for entry-level jobs in the field of design and engineers. Hence, this course is perfect for students or individuals with 150–350 hours of experience with AutoCAD. This certification can be followed by the ACP certificate. The syllabus includes

  1. Drawing simple objects- lines, circles, arcs, and polygons
  2. Modifying the drawings
  3. Modifying the objects by rotating, moving, and creating arrays
  4. Organizing objects
  5. Additional drawing techniques
  6. Annotate drawings

Apply the basic drawing skills — using inquiry commands and creating selection sets
While the syllabus is like that of the ACP certification, The ACP certification courses delve deeper into these broad topics. Since the ACU certification is meant for students and amateur designers, the syllabus is more basic and easier. This certification can give students a competitive edge over other aspiring designers. Job prospects can improve and having a certification can help you win a higher salary.

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