Litten app iOS repository using React Native

Litten app iOS repository using React Native

Litten app iOS repository using React Native


Litten app iOS repository using React Native

Development Commands

# Install dependencies
yarn install

# Install the cocoapods dependencies
yarn pods

# Run the simulator
yarn ios

# Run the ES linter
yarn lint

# Run the Flow type checker
yarn type-check

# Run the tests
yarn test

# Prepare the data dependencies
yarn prepare-data

# This will start the Firebase Emulator UI
yarn start:firestore

UI Components

The UI Components catalog can be viewed inside the app, through the developer-only Storybook screen available in the Profile tab.

Additionally, a server can be started in order to browse the components using a browser.

yarn storybook


Customize the environment variables, some functions might fail due to lack of certain API keys.

cp .env.example .env


Currently, the project relies on a Firebase infrastructure. The app will fail to build until a new project is setup and the GoogleService-Info.plist configutarion file is added to the ios directory.

Additionally, you should install, configure and integrate the Local Emulator Suite.

Current API dependecies

Download Details:

Author: joaocarmo

Source Code:

react react-native mobile-apps

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