Cache Those API tokens (feat. Gfycat): Optimising Django

Cache Those API tokens (feat. Gfycat): Optimising Django

If you’re working with Django and have to deal with 3rd-Party APIs, this will help you manage your tokens efficiently!

A common task when connecting to 3rd-party APIs is having to deal with API tokens. Usually, these tokens are most easily obtained by a single client authentication call to the API. In addition, they have timed lifespans, requiring you to regularly update them. Without any caching, you will most likely end up creating a new token for every call to the service, resulting in many redundant token requests and by extension, waste time on unnecessary API calls. In this article, I will explain how to setup a robust system that can automatically cache and renew the API token on your server. For this, I will be using Gfycat as my example as it uses token-based authentication and its tokens have short lifespans of one hour (at the time of writing this article). For more information on Gfycat’s developer API, you can check out their site, This article assumes you already know how to cache data in a Django server. If you would like to know more about that, I have written an article talking about exactly this right here! And with that aside, let’s jump into it.

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