How to Improve Page Speed by Optimizing Content

How to Improve Page Speed by Optimizing Content

Image and font optimization techniques

Web applications’ scope and functionality keep growing which enabled us to leave behind certain desktop applications and reach our files on the go. But making the web richer comes at a cost: The amount of data downloaded by such applications continues to grow at a steady pace.

For a content-heavy site, the number of network requests can be anywhere from 100 to even 500. As of writing this article, letting Facebook load the front page resulted in more than 500 network requests with more than 8 MB transferred.

Internet speeds are getting faster, but at different rates in different countries and as of 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop with many of these users still using slow 3G connections.

In light of these, achieving a smooth user experience becomes ever so hard, making content optimization more critical than ever before.

Optimizing most of our assets such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files is pretty straightforward, you minify and uglify, strip comments, and you’re basically done, there’s not much else you can do.

But these aren’t the only assets that are costing us additional seconds of load time. We have heavier assets that count to the largest part of our applications in terms of file size and these are images and fonts.

So, let’s have a look at both and see how we can optimize them to make our site’s content load more efficiently.

How to Improve Page Speed by Optimizing Content

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