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Sport is an integral part of our everyday lives. It seems to be quite easy to score a big success , just train yourself hard, observe the rules, lead a regular life, and you will advance in your occupation. However, sometimes, we forget that the sportsperson is not only the totality of physical abilities but also a person who should have a sufficient intellectual development. Sport is not only about the set of mechanical movements but the concord of both the physical strength and mental work. According to Howard Gardner, the intelligence should be differentiated into special modalities (specific sensory systems which are responsible for the particular kind of the reflected irritant) rather than interpreted as a general ability. He singles out eight types of intelligence: linguistic, logic, kinesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. It seems to be complicated to realize how the sportsmen can be the embodiment of all these types, but they successfully cope with their tasks. Let`s examine the game , for instance, basketball , and find evidence that all the said types of intelligence should normally be used even in sport. The first kind is linguistic intelligence which relates to our abilities to talk, hear, write, and read. The basketball player , let it be the point guard , should perceive and analyze the information around very quickly. It concerns not only the game itself but the surroundings where the useful piece of information could be heard. He also should communicate his opinion/decision to the team in such a way that the contestant will not be able to reveal the tactics. It looks very much like another ,language, understandable only for the insiders. To fulfill this, one should have the abilities to speak and write well. The second type deals with logic, abstraction, figures, and critical thinking. This kind of intelligence is quite important for a sportsperson to analyze the situation. Using the deductive or inductive reasoning, the point guard can devise the strategy or tactics which will lead to victory as he controls the ball and makes sure that it gets to the right player. He can notice the particular facts about the opposing team and use them to gain superiority as well. This player also should have in mind the scores, the numbers of remaining timeouts, etc. The kinesthetic type of intelligence is considered to be the most important for a sportsperson. It is more about the usage of space, distance, size, etc. Moreover, it includes the great control over the body and movements. The point guard knows all the combinations and secures the team against fast breaks. He also can control the tempo of a game on the court. The spacial intelligence helps the player to perceive the environment in pictures and images. It is a useful ability to visualize the object from different angles and positions. The point guard can consider the consequences of his throw to another player to score a goal. The ability to analyze the space helps him to facilitate scoring opportunities. The people with intrapersonal intelligence are sensible to moods, feelings, and motivations. The point guard with this type can detect the desires of the contestant and predict his possible conduct. These people are expected to be leaders. This type of intelligence helps the point guard to understand the abilities of his teammates and turn the weak sides into the strong ones. It also favors the exposure of the tricks and provocations of the contestant. The intrapersonal intelligence is considered the rarest and is about knowing yourself. It is vital for a point guard to be aware of his abilities and weak sides. In conclusion, sport is usually associated exclusively with the usage of physical strength. However, Howard Gardner proves that sport is a combination of different abilities and aptitudes. These types of intelligence may be used in various occupations and hobbies, and sport is not an exception. This article was written by Jon Jones . More my works you can see here

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