What is Variable Naming, You Ask? Here's How it Could Save Your Life

What is Variable Naming, You Ask? Here's How it Could Save Your Life

What is Variable Naming, You Ask? Here's How it Could Save Your Life. Variable naming saves lives: here's a real life example.

I recently got put onto a project with code from another dev house.

The problem I have with the code isn’t the fact that it’s from another dev house. It’s usually got to do with the fact that the processes, testing, variable naming etc… are completely different, or non-existent.

In my case it was quite clear that they had no processes or standards in place. Obviously there were no tests either. Needless to say there have been points where I was completely overwhelmed.

Fortunately I happened upon this talk by Martin Fowler (which I really enjoyed and think is definitely worth watching), where he goes into his ideas on refactoring. He reminded me that small incremental changes go a long way in improving code.

I would now like to take you through the process I went through of refactoring code by simply changing variable names. This will hopefully show you how changing variable names can be a game changer (and save lives by reducing cardiac arrest cases :P)

Okay, so below is the blob of code that was left behind.


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