How to Define Service Level Objectives as Code to Enhance SRE

How to Define Service Level Objectives as Code to Enhance SRE

This article introduces how you can define executable Service Level Objectives in code; and why this is such a powerful technique for SRE.

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are powerful decision-making tools way beyond the team coalface while providing value there. SLOs as Code in Reliably - the reliability automation platform for developers; provide executable, versionable artifacts that help you capture, frame, collaborate, and enable essential reliability conversations at any point in a system’s evolution.

Why are SLOs so powerful?

I have a confession; I love Service Level Objectives (SLOs). In my experience, SLOs have risen to be one of the most important parts of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) adoption. Time and again, I’ve seen huge value in having SLOs even if you are not planning to apply all the aspects of SRE.

SLOs tell us what we care about and what good looks like for a system’s users. For this reason, SLOs can be incredible decision-making tools way beyond the team coalface (while providing value at the coalface as well!). While Service Level Indicators (SLIs) tell you what can be measured; SLOs tell you what matters (primarily - what matters to the system’s users).

This is why SLOs are the first concept that has been defined in code as part of Reliably, the new reliability toolkit for developers. In this article, I’m going to talk about why “SLOs as Code” is such an important step on our journey towards “Reliability as Code” (#reliabilityascode).


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