Handle React Errors with Error Boundaries

Handle React Errors with Error Boundaries

A simple guide to React Error Boundaries. Error boundaries were introduced in React 16 as a way to catch and handle JavaScript errors that occur in the UI parts of our component. So error boundaries only catch errors that occur in a lifecycle method, render method, and inside Hooks like useEffect

A simple guide to React Error Boundaries.

In React, by default errors can propagate all the way up an application and break an entire app upon the next render. These issues were often caused by an earlier error in the application code but weren’t handled gracefully and cause the entire rendering cycle to start.

In React 16, the concept of “error boundaries” were introduced to address this issue. Error boundaries are React components that catch errors anywhere in their children, log the errors, and display a fallback UI instead of crashing the application.

Error boundaries can catch errors during rendering, lifecycle methods, and constructors of all the component tree below them. However, they don’t catch errors for Event handlers, asynchronous code, server-side rendering, and errors thrown in the Error boundary itself.

That being said, Error Boundaries are still great tools for writing more modular and resilient code.

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