Top 10 PHP Framework For Web Development In 2021

Top 10 PHP Framework For Web Development In 2021

PHP Frameworks - Get to know the top PHP frameworks that is best for web development in 2021 to build a top notch web application.

PHP is one of the most predominant programming languages in web and application development. The language has experienced stable and secured growth and usage since its release. 

Some interesting PHP Statistics to know.

  • Over 244+ Million Websites use PHP.
  • According to W3Techs’ data, PHP is used by 78.9% of all websites with a known server-side programming language.
  • Almost 8 out of every 10 websites that you visit on the Internet are using PHP in some way.
  • According to, approximately 64.0% of WordPress sites are using PHP 7.1 or lower, with 22.9%, the plurality, using PHP 5.6

PHP is a preferred choice to create websites used by developers to complete the projects efficiently and timely. Inspired by PHP, there are tons of PHP frameworks. To help you out finding the best PHP framework depending on your requirements. Here is an overview of the ten best PHP frameworks for web development.

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