Python For Data Science  - How To Get More Views On Youtube

Python For Data Science  - How To Get More Views On Youtube

Solving the YouTube climb using Data Science .Python For Data Science  - How To Get More Views On Youtube

Greetings data practitioners,

Welcome back to your weekly read of solving real-world problems with data science. Right on queue, one of the highest priority first world problems that Millenials face nowadays is —

Not knowing how to blow up on Youtube.

No worries, data can solve everything,

and we are going to solve the YouTube Problem. Today.


The world-famous video-sharing website. It is no secret that YouTubers make big bucks posting videos on YouTube. If you’re living under a rock, big YouTubers literally make millions per year, while only having to post 1 video every week.

This had further caused everybody to want a piece of the pie.

Everyone and their dog is now a YouTuber, hoping to make lots of money.

However, these people have arrived late to the game, and are struggling to get traffic onto their videos since the platform is already saturated.

In YouTube, more views equal more money.

Hence, people start to ask questions like—

  • What kind of video title attracts more views?
  • Which video category attracts more views?
  • How to optimize my video tags to attract more views?

You’re in luck, we will be answering them today.

In this article, we will be doing some exploratory data analysis on some YouTube video data from the US, extracting whatever insights we can get.

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