8 Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web Development

8 Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web Development

Approx. 1,118,198 websites are actively using AngularJS. .Hire AngularJS developers to grow your business with its top benefits.

According to Builtwith, More than 1,118,198 websites are lively using AngularJS. Various MNCs use AngularJS for their websites because of its versatility; there are many benefits of AngularJS development which is why it is among the first choice of many MNCs like Netflix, PayPal, Amazon, Snapchat, Udemy, etc.

It is an open-source JavaScript framework that is developed by Google. It extends the ability to develop web apps by adding built-in attributes and components. AngularJS is likely one of the most famous modern-day web frameworks. It maintains good code quality and testability, which is why many companies favor it over other frameworks available.

It is mostly used for developing Single Page Applications. Furthermore, it has several other advantages and features, which will be discussing in this blog.

Let’s discuss 8 AngularJS benefits for Web Development and why it is preferable over other frameworks. Here, we will discuss these benefits of using AngularJS in-detail:

  • Data Binding
  • Controller
  • Services
  • Filters
  • Deep linking
  • Directives

*(1)Single Page Applications Features (SPA) * Single-page applications are developed to make website transition faster, and this is its primary motive. A website will interact with the web browser by replacing the current web page with the latest or new webserver data rather than the browser’s default method of filling new pages. This is known as Single Page Application (SPA).

AngularJS helps the development of Single Page Applications (SPA). When any programmer develops a single page application with the help of AngularJS, the loading speed of that page increases, works on every platform, much easier to maintain, and provides an excellent user experience that can help a lot to your business in making a good profit by developing apps based on AngularJS.

You can hire Angular developer India who has tremendous hands-on experience with SPA and other elements of AngularJS. ****

*(2) Powerful Framework * Powerful Framework is one of the best AngularJS benefits, which provides a robust solution to make front-end development faster. It has various features such as directives, and dependency injection, and MVC pattern.

It is a quite popular and common platform among developers of organizations because it is easily and freely available. This Framework enables to increase the HTML syntax and build client-side applications. Read More - https://www.valuecoders.com/blog/technology-and-apps/benefits-of-using-angularjs-for-web-development/

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