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Swift Extensions By ChatGPT

Swift Extensions by ChatGPT

This repository contains a collection of Swift extensions created using ChatGPT. These extensions add new functionality to existing classes and structures in the Swift standard library.


To use these extensions, simply include the relevant extension files in your project. For more detailed instructions, see the usage instructions within the extension files.



  • ColorWithHexString: This extension converts a hexadecimal color code input into a UIColor object.
  • GetHexStringFromColor: With this extension, you can use the "hexString" property of any UIColor object to get the hexadecimal code of the object.
  • Random Color (2 ways): This is an extension for the UIColor class that creates a randomly colored UIColor object.
  • Lighter Color (2 ways): This method allows you to lighten the color of any UIColor object by a specified factor.
  • Darker Color: You can use this method to darken the color of the object by a specific percentage.
  • Light Color Check: You can use this property to check if the color of the object is light or dark.
  • Contrasting Color: With this extension, you can add the "contrastingColor" method to any UIColor object. You can use this method to create a color that is the opposite of the color of the object.




If you want to share your own Swift extensions, you can send a pull request to this repository. Please also include a file with usage instructions to ensure that your extensions are of high quality and functional.

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Author: sametkoyuncu
Source code:

License: MIT license

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Swift Extensions By ChatGPT
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10 Free Online Resources To Learn Swift Language

Swift is a fast and efficient general-purpose programming language that provides real-time feedback and can be seamlessly incorporated into existing Objective-C code. This is why developers are able to write safer, more reliable code while saving time. It aims to be the best language that can be used for various purposes ranging from systems programming to mobile as well as desktop apps and scaling up to cloud services.

Below here, we list down the 10 best online resources to learn Swift language.

(The list is in no particular order)

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Useful Swift Extension

After working with Swift for some time I found there are lot of things that aren’t there out of the box as with other languages. Following are some extensions that I think are useful for day to day working

Accessing string element by index

extension String {
    subscript(i:Int) ->Character {
        let index = self.index(self.startIndex, offsetBy: i)
        return self[index]

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