How to build a smart search engine

In the first post within this series, we built a search engine in just a few lines of code which was powered by the BM25 algorithm used in many of the largest enterprise search engines today.

In this post, we want to go beyond this and create a truly smart search engine. This post will describe the process to do this and also provide template code to achieve this on any dataset.

But what do we mean by ‘smart’? We are defining this as a search engine which is able to:

  • Return relevant results to a user even if they have not searched for the specific words within these results.
  • Be location aware; understand UK postcodes and the geographic relationship of towns and cities in the UK.
  • Be able to scale up to larger datasets (we will be moving to a larger dataset than in our previous example with 212k records but we need to be able to scale to much larger data).
  • Be orders of magnitude faster than our last implementation, even when searching over large datasets.
  • Handle spelling mistakes, typos and previously ‘unseen’ words in an intelligent way.

In order to achieve this, we will need to combine a number of techniques:

  • fastText Word vectors. We will train a model on our data set to create vector representations of words (more information on this here).
  • BM25. We will still be using this algorithm to power our search but we will need apply this to our word vector results.
  • Superfast searching of our results using the lightweight and highly efficient Non-Metric Space Library (NMSLIB).

This will look something like the below:

Image for post

An overview of the pipeline we will be creating in this post

This article will walk through each of these areas and describe how they can be brought together to create a smart search engine.

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How to build a smart search engine
Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


Search Emails From A Domain Through Search Engines for Python


Search emails from a domain through search engines for python


> pip3 install emailfinder

Upgrades are also available using:

> pip3 install emailfinder --upgrade

Search Engines

  • google: Ok (note cookies policy and Captcha!).
  • bing: OK.
  • baidu: OK (few requests).
  • bing: Hunting Robots very fast.

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Pre-Engineered Buildings Manufacturer in India | Hrsinfrastructure

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Hire Smart Contract Developers | Smart Contract Development Company India

What are smart contracts?

Smart contracts is a digital code stored in a blockchain and automatically executes when predetermined terms and conditions are met. In Simple terms, they are programs that run by the setup of the people who developed them.They are designed to facilitate, verify, and execute a digital contract between two parties without the involvement of third parties.

Benefits of Smart Contracts

Greater efficiency and speed
Accuracy and transparency
Robust Security
Independent verification
Advanced data safety
Distributed ledger
Ease of use
Open source technology
Better flexibility
Easy integration
Improved tractability

Where could smart contracts be used?

Today Smart contracts are used in various platforms such as supply-chain management,cross-border financial transactions,document management,enforceability and more. Here are the Sectors where smart contracts plays a huge role ,

  • Supply chain management
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage loans
  • Financial industry
  • Trade Finance
  • Government
  • IT Sector
  • Records
  • Property ownership
  • Medical Research
  • Voting
  • Peer-to-Peer transactions
  • Product development
  • Stocktaking

Steps For Successful Smart Contract Development

There are a few Important things that you need to consider before you develop a Smart Contract,

Ask Yourself -

  • Do You Need A Smart Contract In Your Project?
  • How can i Implement Smart Contract in My Business?
  • If yes, Find out Your Business Requirements
  • Plan your Requirements
  • Find a Trustworthy Smart Contract Developer
  • Develop , Test Your Smart Contract

Ready to develop your smart contract?

I hope this blog was helpful. We think this is the right time for companies to invest in building a blockchain powered Smart Contracts as Blockchain technology and the ecosystem around it is changing fast. If you’re thinking about building a Smart Contract but not sure where to start, contact us, we’re happy to provide free suggestions about how blockchain’s Smart Contracts may fit into your business.

We Employcoder Leading IT Outsourcing Company with a team of Smart Contract Experts. Hire Smart Contract Developers from us who can code bug-free, scalable, innovative, fully-functional smart contracts for your business and make your business or enterprise eye-catchy & trutworthy among the people in the digital globe.

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Deion  Hilpert

Deion Hilpert


Building a Content-based Image Search Engine (Part 1)

Every time you want to search for an image similar to another one, you’re more or less left with one option: “Search Google for image”. Have you ever wondered what algorithms are making this happen? This is what we’ll explore in this blog post.

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Smart Contract Development Company in Washington

We (Codezeros) are Smart Contract Development Company in Washington. We provide the complete solution for smart contracts like smart contract architecture, design & development, auditing & optimization. We have experienced developers who are expert in developing smart contracts as well as DApp development, pitch deck development, and many other services related to Blockchain Technology.

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