Using the C++ Spell Checking API

Using the C++ Spell Checking API

Learn how to add spell checking to your applications. Did you know that Windows includes a native Spell Checking API designed for C++ developers?

Did you know that Windows includes a native Spell Checking API designed for C++ developers?

I've spent a lot of time teaching developers how to build modern applications for Windows using C++ and Direct2D. Along with this comes the powerful DirectWrite text layout and rendering engine, but users have come to expect more than just pretty pixels. They want useful features like spell checking that are pervasive throughout the applications they use. Now you can easily add spell checking to your own applications using the Spell Checking API. In this month's column, I'm going to introduce this API. Next month I'll show you how to apply modern C++ techniques to produce a more intuitive and elegant programming experience.

The Spell Checking API is exposed via a set of COM-style interfaces. It relies on COM activation, so I'll need to call CoInitializeEx to initialize the COM library and set the thread's concurrency model:

HR(CoInitializeEx(nullptr, // reserved

I'm assuming there's an inline function that will check the HRESULT and throw an exception if it's not S_OK. Something like this:

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