Optical Data Center: Why It is a Need for the Future Data Centers?

Optical Data Center: Why It is a Need for the Future Data Centers?

Optical network is a promising alternative to the existing data centers. The exponential growth of data today is giving the rise of an optical data center, making it a future architecture for a data center.

The last few years have seen an exponential rise in data significantly owing to technological developments such as AI, cloud computing, IoT, and others. With this much growth of data, current data center networks are experiencing an exponential increase in network traffic. A data center typically consists of hundreds of thousands of connected servers to store everything people do online. Thus, as server-to-server traffic is increasing rapidly, it has become a challenge to meet the rising data storage and processing demand with existing technologies. Optical networks that use signals encoded in light to transmit information in different types of networks represent a promising alternative.

Optical network architecture has a lower CAPEX and OPEX when compared to traditional data center networks. It can transmit more than 10GB, 40GB, or 100GB/s over hundreds of meters or tens of kilometers relying on the technology used. Fiber optic systems are much thinner and lighter than copper ones and can be further bent. Such properties are beneficial when designing intra- and inter-rack connectivity, at which usually a large number of cables are bundled together. In data center networks, optical transceivers are implemented in pluggable modules, which can be easily plugged into switch racks and network interface controllers placed in servers.

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