NoSQL Design Pitfalls With Java - DZone Database

NoSQL Design Pitfalls With Java - DZone Database

The purpose of this article is to cover the steps to use this type of database within a corporate architecture.

Non-relational databases are a topic often mentioned when we talk about new modeling or polyglot persistence. However, what is the impact of this adoption? The purpose of this article is to cover the steps to use this type of database within a corporate architecture.

Several articles address what a non-relational database is, types, and so on, however, in this article, I will start by addressing what NoSQL is not:

  • No-Security: Yes, regardless of the selected database, security is still an important issue. In other words, it is critical that database instances are not publicly exposed, and that using database user and password resources is always important. In addition to the validation in the database, the software level must be safe. That is, the password must not be stored directly in the code. In the ideal world, the developer should not know the user and password of the production database, all thanks to the third factor of The Twelve-Factor App. These topics are not new; however, it is worth mentioning since significant problems are related to this topic.

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