212 Bash Scripting Examples

212 Bash Scripting Examples

212 Bash Scripting Examples

212 Bash Scripting Examples


  • Simple Hello World Script 00:00:35
  • Echo Command Without Newlines 00:04:20
  • String Concatenation With Echo 00:06:13
  • String Continuation Character 00:07:40
  • Echo with Tab Characters 00:09:12
  • Echo with Newline Characters 00:11:12
  • Echo with -x to Display All Commands 00:12:30
  • Printing Strings That Contain Single Quotes 00:14:46
  • Printing Strings That Contain Double Quotes 00:16:00
  • Write to a File from Inside A Script 00:18:07
  • Overwrite to a File from Inside A Script 00:20:04
  • Append to File Inside Script 00:21:41
  • Single Line Comments 00:23:40
  • Comments From Middle of Line 00:25:45
  • Multi Line Comments Using Heredocs 00:27:56
  • Simple Variable Usage 00:30:16
  • Multi Word Variables Combinations with Quotes 00:32:27
  • HOME variable 00:35:28
  • USER variable 00:38:16
  • HOSTNAME variable 00:39:24
  • Echo $HOME with Escape to Avoid Expansion 00:40:16
  • Writing to file in HOME Directory Using HOME Environment Variable 00:41:34
  • Simple Touch Command 00:44:47
  • Create a Symbol Link, Write To Linked File, Cat file 00:46:57
  • Chmod Command, Make Executable 00:50:40
  • Chmod Command, Make Not-Writable, Try to Write to it 00:53:29
  • Chown File To Different User, Run ls before, after 00:56:44
  • Underscore Variable, Touch File, Use Underscore Variable to Append to It 00:59:59
  • Let Command Arithmetic 01:03:42
  • 4 Basic Operators, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide 01:05:13
  • Increment a variable 3 times with Increment Operator 01:07:56
  • Decrement a variable 3 times with Decrement Operator 01:10:34
  • Echo Number Modulus Second Number 01:12:36
  • Echo Number to Exponent of Second Number 01:14:50
  • Expr Command for Math 01:16:17
  • Double Parenthesis for Math 01:19:14
  • Double Parenthesis with Dollar Operator Assign to Variable 01:21:40
  • Multiplication has Precedence Over Addition Regardless of Order 01:23:43
  • Combine Two Strings In One Line With Variables 01:25:49
  • Combine Three Strings In One Line With Variables 01:29:09
  • Plus Equal Operator Combine Strings 01:31:24
  • Create Multi-Line String Variable with HEREDOC 01:34:38
  • Cat Multi-Line HEREDOC Text 01:37:04
  • If Conditional Statement 01:39:43
  • Logical And in Conditional Statement 01:43:00
  • Logical Or in Conditional Statement 01:46:53
  • If Elif Else Conditional Statement 01:51:29
  • Nesting If Conditions 01:58:28
  • Equal vs Double Equal Operator 02:01:36
  • Test Not Equal Strings 02:05:03
  • Test Two Strings Before or After alphabetically 2:06:33
  • Test String is Null 02:08:07
  • Test String is Not-Null 02:09:30
  • Test Numerical Comparisons Greater then, Less then 02:10:39
  • Test Numerical Compare Greater Then Or Equal, Less Than Or Equal 02:12:58
  • Test Compare Numbers Are Equal 02:15:02
  • Test Compare Numbers Are Not-equal 02:19:16
  • Test File Exists 02:19:15
  • Test File Is Not Zero Size 02:21:10
  • Test File Is A Directory 02:22:43
  • File Is A Symbolic Link 02:24:22
  • Test File Has Read Permission 02:26:18
  • Test File Has Write Permission 02:27:35
  • Test File Has Execute Permission 2:28:57

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