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Not allowing images small than certain dimensions

I have a model that saves user profile images. If the image that is uploaded is greater than 200x200 pixels, then we resize to 200x200. If the image is right at 200x200, then we return that image. What I want now is to throw an error to the user saying that this image is too small and is not allowed. Here's what I have:

class Profile(models.Model):
        ('M', 'Male'),
        ('F', 'Female'),
    user    = models.OneToOneField(User, null=True, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
    bio     = models.CharField(max_length=200, null=True)
    avatar  = models.ImageField(upload_to="img/path")
    gender  = models.CharField(max_length=1, choices=GENDER_CHOICES, null=True)
def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
    super(Profile, self).save(*args, **kwargs)
    if self.avatar:
        image =
        height, width = image.size
        if height == 200 and width == 200:

        if height < 200 or width < 200:
            return ValidationError("Image size must be greater than 200")
        image = image.resize((200, 200), Image.ANTIALIAS)

When an image is smaller than 200px in width or height, the image should not be uploaded. However, the image is being uploaded. How can I stop this from happening?


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Instead of doing that in save() method, you can do it in forms:

from django.core.files.images import get_image_dimensions
from django import forms

class ProfileForm(forms.ModelForm):
   class Meta:
       model = Profile

   def clean_avatar(self):
       picture = self.cleaned_data.get("avatar")
       if not picture:
           raise forms.ValidationError("No image!")
           w, h = get_image_dimensions(picture)
           if w < 200:
               raise forms.ValidationError("The image is %i pixel wide. It's supposed to be more than 200px" % w)
           if h < 200:
               raise forms.ValidationError("The image is %i pixel high. It's supposed to be 200px" % h)
       return picture

Reason for this is because, when you have called save(), image is already uploaded. So its better to do it in forms.

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Laravel 7/6 Image Validation

In this image validation in laravel 7/6, i will share with you how validate image and image file mime type like like jpeg, png, bmp, gif, svg, or webp before uploading image into database and server folder in laravel app.

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Ahebwe Oscar


how to integrate CKEditor in Django

how to integrate CKEditor in Django

Welcome to my Blog, in this article we learn about how to integrate CKEditor in Django and inside this, we enable the image upload button to add an image in the blog from local. When I add a CKEditor first time in my project then it was very difficult for me but now I can easily implement it in my project so you can learn and implement CKEditor in your project easily.

how to integrate CKEditor in Django

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Laravel 7/6 Image Upload Example Tutorial

Laravel image upload example tutorial. Here, i will show you how to upload image in laravel 7/6 with preview and validation.

Before store image into db and folder, you can validate uploaded image by using laravel validation rules. as well as you can show preview of uploaded image in laravel.

Image Upload In Laravel 7/6 with Validation

Image upload in laravel 7/6 with preview and validation. And storage image into folder and MySQL database by using the below steps:

Install Laravel Fresh App
Setup Database Details
Generate Image Migration & Model
Create Image Upload Route
Create Image Controller
Create Image Upload and Preview Blade View
Start Development Server

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Lane Sanford


Preprocessing your images for machine learning (image recognition)

During my studies at JKU there was a task for preprocessing images for a machine learning project. It is necessary to clean the raw images before using them in a learning algorithm, so thats why we create a pre-processing function. I think it can be quite useful for others as well so I want to share a bit of my approach. The file is structured in a way that it is easy to understand and also should have a tutorial-like effect.

#image-recognition #image #image-classification #machine-learning #image-processing

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Crop and Resize Image Before Upload In Laravel Using with jQuery Copper JS

Crop and resize image size before upload in laravel using jquery copper js. In this post, i will show you how to crop and resize image size in laravel using jQuery copper js in laravel.

This laravel crop image before upload using cropper js looks like:

laravel crop image before upload

Laravel Crop Image Before Uploading using Cropper js Tutorial

Laravel crop image before upload tutorial, follow the following steps and learn how to use cropper js to crop image before uploading in laravel app:

  • Step 1: Install New Laravel App
  • Step 2: Add Database Details
  • Step 3: Create Migration & Model
  • Step 4: Add Route
  • Step 5: Create Controller By Artisan
  • Step 6: Create Blade View
  • Step 7: Make Upload Directory
  • Step 8: Start Development Server


Live Demo Laravel Crop image Before Upload.

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