How native is React Native? | React Native vs Native App Development

Article covers: How native is react native?, React Native vs (Ionic, Cordova), Similarities and difference between React Native and Native App Development.

Modern JavaScript for React Developers

Modern JavaScript for React Developers. Learn the basics of JavaScript for React. We'll start building the markup and rendering logic of our Flash Card application first in JavaScript so that we can lay down the foundations for the upcoming React training.

Learn React and JavaScript Programming Basics with Example Code

Learn React and JavaScript Programming Basics with Example Code. How does modern JavaScript knowledge make you an efficient React developer? What kind of changes do you need in your mindset when you design and develop a React application? How to Use Let and Const in JavaScript. How to Use Template Literals in JavaScript. How to Import and Export Modules in JavaScript. How to Use Arrow Functions in JavaScript. How Destructuring Works in JavaScript. How the Spread Operator and Rest Parameter Work in JavaScript. How to Use Classes in JavaScript

How To Write Better Code As A Web Developer - React

Look at three different React code examples from a beginner, intermediate, and advanced web developer. How senior developers think. How to use React state properly. How to use React useEffect properly. What to think about when programming. The differences between senior and junior developers

How to Become A React JavaScript Developer 🚀

Today Qazi & Sonny will be showing you How To Become a React JavaScript Developer 🚀👨‍💻