Running SQL Migrations Before Booting Docker Compose Services

Running SQL Migrations Before Booting Docker Compose Services

In this article, I’ll cover your local experience, which easily extends to CI, and I’ll also touch how to do this in production. Having a great local development experience is critical to happy engineers.

Developers are happy to come into a code base and start hacking away at problems, as opposed to dreading picking up their laptops. As services become more and more separated into separate “micro-services,” new problems arise. When I look back on my short career, one problem that has caused me a lot of pain is SQL migrations and how they should work in Docker Compose. Ideally, they should run before your web apps boot so they have access to a well-structured database. Your strategy to make this happen may be different for each environment. In this article, I’ll cover your local experience, which easily extends to CI, and I’ll also touch how to do this in production.

A Bit of Background

I ran into this problem when we started to adopt Apollo Federation into our stack. One gateway service lives in front of our other GraphQL services (which have their own databases). This gateway is what the client-side app (“Web Browser” in diagram) queries to get its data. For clients to start using the gateway API, every dependent service must be up and healthy.

diagram showing relationship of components of Apollo Federation Gateway

Our service diagram

My goal is to start the entire set of services in a deterministic manner, to have each service wait until its dependent service is running and healthy. I’ll focus on the database and migrations in this article, but the concepts here extend to any service having dependencies on another service.

A typical Docker Compose file which runs the products service with its migrations will look like this:

There are a few issues with this setup, focusing on depends_on:

  1. The products-run-migrations script will run right when postgres starts to run, not when it's healthy and ready to accept connections. There is a 99% chance that the postgres container will not be healthy when the migrations begin to run, causing them to fail.
  2. Similar situation with the products service. It will run right when products-run-migrations starts to run. If you query the products service when it's healthy, there is a good chance the migrations have not yet completed.

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