Properties for Sale and Rent

Properties for Sale and Rent

There are different areas in every city that offer 4 Kanal plot cuttings. For instance, in Islamabad, you can find [4 Kanal Plot for sale in Gulberg Greens]( "4 Kanal Plot for sale in Gulberg Greens"), but Gulberg...

There are different areas in every city that offer 4 Kanal plot cuttings. For instance, in Islamabad, you can find 4 Kanal Plot for sale in Gulberg Greens, but Gulberg restricts its buyers to not build anything other than a farmhouse or buildings related to a farmhouse in that 4 Kanal plot. A farmhouse includes a gardening or cultivation area where you can seed different plants and vegetables, an area for a villa, an animal barn, and a water reservoir. You can build multiple other things as well depending on the area. If you are in search of a versatile 4 Kanal plot for sale in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, then you might find one in the areas like Rawat, Fateh Jhang, Adiyala Road, Chakri Road, etc. It is because the inner city areas are developed and it’s difficult to find big size plots there.

If you manage to find one big size plot in the inner city area, for instance, if you found a 4 Kanal plot for sale in Rawalpindi Sadar or any other locality in Rawalpindi. In that case, the plot’s cost will be so high that there are chances you might change your plan of buying that land. If you can manage to buy that land, then we would suggest you buy that land without overthinking because it is the best place where you can invest. The productivity of land in the inner-city makes it expensive. A 4 Kanal plot can be divided into different 2-3 Marla plots and can be sold comfortably with profit if it is in the inner-city plot. Other options include the building of a commercial building like; apartments, hotels, malls, markets, etc. if the land is touching the main road from any side.

The 4-Kanal land in the side areas can prove as a long-term investment where you must wait for some while to enjoy the productivity of that land. The wait depends on the locality of the plot and the future development plans for that area. Whereas, if you are buying a 4 Kanal plot in the inner-city district then you must have enough flow of capital that even after purchasing that land you are capable of constructing something productive on that land.

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