How to Create Great Designs & User Experience with Less

How to Create Great Designs & User Experience with Less

Less is more is one of the most used phrases in design. However, it is used as a quote, not as a principle we could follow. Let's make this quote more actionable. This article will show you 3 specific areas of design where we can use less is more as a principle to achieve more.

Less is more is one of the most used phrases in design. However, it is mostly used as a quote than as a principle we could actually follow. Let’s change that. Let’s make this quote more helpful and actionable so we all can benefit from it. In this article, we will discuss three specific areas of design where we can use less is more as a principle to achieve more.

Just a rule of thumb, not a dogma

There is one thing we should make absolutely clear is that less is not always more. In some situations, if we provide people with something in smaller quantity, it can end up doing a damage to the design and user experience. So, before we begin, let’s make sure that we will not take this less is more approach as some kind of a universally applicable principle, or dogma.

Instead, we need to always ask ourselves one simple question before we start reducing and removing. Is this the right situation for this principle? Only if our answer is clear, or at least almost clear, “Yes”. We should move forward and start applying this principle. Otherwise, we should consider other options that are available and try one of those first.

A short story many designers know

How many times did you think that you just can’t get some part of the design right? Maybe you were almost done. The rest of the layout looked just amazing. However, there was still this one thing that one thing that just didn’t look right. The problem was that you had no idea about how to solve this problem. Nothing you tried so far didn’t work. Sometimes, it made it even worse.

I found myself in this situation a number of times, in almost every project I have been working on. Well, it was more likely in every project. This is not a joke. In every project so far, there was always that one small thing that one tiny detail that kept me up at night. To make it even worse, most of “solutions” failed. Either the design was worse or the user experience.

The paradox of this situation is that adding something usually doesn’t solve the problem. This was usually the first thing I tried. In short, it didn’t work. What did the trick was doing the exact opposite. To my surprise, and delight, the key to solve that puzzle was either removing or reducing something. There are probably other designers as well, who were in similar situation. Maybe the same. And, that is why are we here today.

Below, we will discuss a number of tips on how to use the less is more principle and solve problems with our design. Don’t worry. These tips are not complicated or hard to apply, quite the opposite. They follow the simplicity of the less is more. So, when you learn about them, you will be amazed how simple they are.

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