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Angular Dependency Injection In Depth – Dependency Providers (2021)

Hello guys! Let’s continue to talk about in depth topics of #Angular dependency injection. Today I would like to show you dependency providers like: useClass, useExistiong, useValue and use factory. Likewise resolution modifiers which control how Angular resolves dependency - dependency providers responsible for how Angular should create dependency instances. It allows you to replace different service implementation in runtime which make your application extremely powerful and flexible. I hope you find I lot of use-cases in your applications. Thank you for your attention and enjoy watching! 😉

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🕒 Time codes:
00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:00 - Quick recap of how we provide dependencies
00:01:18 - Describing the problem
00:03:14 - useClass in Action
00:05:46 - useExisting in Action
00:07:44 - useValue in Action
00:09:06 - A little bit about InjectionToken()
00:12:26 - useFactory in Action
00:15:11 - useValue vs useFactory. What’s the difference?
00:16:24 - multi:true announcement
00:16:43 - Outro

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#angulartutorial #webdevelopment #dependencyinjection

Angular Dependency Injection In Depth –  Dependency Providers (2021)