Using Sass as a TailwindCSS Preprocessor

Using Sass as a TailwindCSS Preprocessor

Using Sass to use TailwindCSS with a preprocessing tool like Sass, you'll need to add an additional build step to your project that lets you run your preprocessed CSS through PostCSS.

Today I fiddled around with Tailwind @apply classes. I previously posted about a darkmode in combination with @apply classes and damn it goes well together. But I discovered a problem and got stuck on it for a while. It seems that when you're using tailwind without PostCSS 8, it doesn't compile the nested classes. So I searched for a fix.

It seems that the TailwindCSS documentation has a page dedicated to this and it solves the problem in an ideal situation. But the codebase I used didn't use Postcss, so I had to find a workaround.

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