How to Fetch Data with React Hooks?

How to Fetch Data with React Hooks?

In this React Hooks tutorial, I want to show you how to fetch data in React with Hooks by using the state and effect hooks. The effect hook called useEffect is used to fetch the data with axios from the API and to set the data in the local state of the component with the state hook's update function.

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to fetch data in React with Hooks by using the state and effect hooks. We will use the widely known Hacker News API to fetch popular articles from the tech world. You will also implement your custom hook for the data fetching that can be reused anywhere in your application or published on npm as standalone node package.

If you don't know anything about this new React feature, checkout this introduction to React Hooks. If you want to checkout the finished project for the showcased examples that show how to fetch data in React with Hooks, checkout this GitHub repository.

If you just want to have a ready to go React Hook for data fetching: npm install use-data-api and follow the documentation. Don't forget to star it if you use it :-)

Note: In the future, React Hooks are not be intended for data fetching in React. Instead, a feature called Suspense will be in charge for it. The following walkthrough is nonetheless a great way to learn more about state and effect hooks in React.

Data Fetching with React Hooks

If you are not familiar with data fetching in React, checkout my extensive data fetching in React article. It walks you through data fetching with React class components, how it can be made reusable with Render Prop Components and Higher-Order Components, and how it deals with error handling and loading spinners. In this article, I want to show you all of it with React Hooks in function components.

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