Vue js Axios Tutorial

Vue js Axios Tutorial

Vue js Axios Tutorial. We will see Vue axios post request, Vue js headers and Vue js get request. We will use Node.js as backend platform.

Vue js Axios Tutorial is today’s leading topic.  Axios is an excellent http client library. It uses promises by default and runs on both the client and the server. Axios is an impressive HTTP client library which lets you asynchronously issue HTTP requests to interact with REST endpoints. Consume REST APIs and make HTTP Requests is easy with Axios and Vue.js.

Vue js Axios Tutorial

We will use Axios to send an HTTP request to the Node.js server and fetch the data from the database and display it on the client side. We will make GET and POST request to the Node.js server. At the backend, we will use Express web framework. Okay, so first we need to install Vue.js using CLI. If you are not familiar with Vue cli, then please check out this Vue cli Tutorial.

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