Yann LeCun’s Latest Offering - Barlow’s Twin

Yann LeCun’s Latest Offering - Barlow’s Twin

Barlow Twins is an objective function that avoids collapse by measuring the cross-correlation matrix between the output of two identical networks fed with distorted versions.

Self-supervised learning (SSL) has become a handy technique in computer vision tasks. Significant advances in SSL means its methods can now learn representations even if the input samples are distorted. Also referred to as ‘data augmentations’, this is made possible by maximising the similarity of representations extracted from different distorted versions of a sample.

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How to add SSL to your website using certbot and LetsEncrypt

Create SSL Certificate Initiate creation of the SSL certificate for example.com (Again, make sure it matches your domain name instead of example.) After this you will see letsencrypt-auto command generating the needed certificate files with certbot and automatically creating http challenges.

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Google takes over 200 various factors for determining the website rankings in a SERP. One of the key and crucial factors is website security. If you want your website to be displayed higher in SERPs, then you must give due importance to the online security of users who’ll be visiting your site.

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