End of Discussion! Not Messi, Not Ronaldo! The Most…

End of Discussion! Not Messi, Not Ronaldo! The Most…

In this tutorial, we'll learn Data Analysis with Python.

Not Ronaldo, not Messi!



ot Messi, Not Ronaldo! You may laugh it as people in the picture 😀, but this statement is true! Of course, it is valid under some conditions 😀. We will look at those conditions in the next sections of this article.

Data analysis with Python is widespread in data space along with other popular programming languages such as R. However; in this article, we are going to do our research on a popular football game FIFA 19 with Python. You can find the dataset from this link. By the way, let me ask you this;

Who is your favourite player in FIFA 19?

Maybe, after reading this article, you can change your mind 😀. Additionally, this article is a part of our “Data Analysis Series — An Overview of FIFA 19 Players Dataset” series. Moreover, if you haven’t read our previous article, you can do so from this link.


Probably you wonder the rest of the sentence when you see “The most…” part of the heading. Now I am explaining it. It is “the most favourable player”. It is still vague, but it will be more apparent as we continue. To accomplish this objective, we are going to use pandas, numpy and matplotlib libraries in Python. These libraries are musts of all data analysis. They make your life easier.

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