How to Use Pm2 To Serve A Node.js App

How to Use Pm2 To Serve A Node.js App

Learn how to use pm2 to serve a Node.js app. PM2 is a super useful process management tool for Linux. The deployment/running of the application is already managed through the pm2 program. You can use pm2 list to see all the applications running now. Make sure you ssh as the Node.js user.

An introduction on how to manage Node processes on Linux and auto-restart them through GitHub webhooks

Published Mar 03, 2021

pm2 is a super useful process management tool for Linux.

I’ve used it for several projects of mine, and here I want to tell you how to use it too!

In particular I’m going to use it to run a Node.js app on a DigitalOcean VPS, and I’ll set it up so that whenever we push an update to the app’s GitHub repository, on the server pm2 will be pinged, and the app is going to be updated from GitHub and restarted.

Sounds cool? Let’s go!

First, sign up to DigitalOcean and  follow my tutorial to create an VPS on DigitalOcean.

Important: use the `NodeJS_` image on DigitalOcean, which is already set up with `pm2__ and _node_`, and has a `nodejs__ user in addition to _root_`._

Once you’re up and running we can start.

Make sure you ssh as the nodejs user. When you’re logged in as root, you can just run su nodejs to use that user.

The sample Node.js app you have running in the VPS is in the folder /var/www/html/, and it’s composed by the hello.js file.

The deployment/running of the application is already managed through the pm2 program, a daemon process manager.

You can use pm2 list to see all the applications running now:

If you do any change to the application now, the changes won’t be applied until you restart the application running:

pm2 restart hello

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