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Indispensable features to consider for courier app development

The idea of developing a courier delivery service app has revolutionized the industry as it seems to be more comfortable for people. If you aspire to build an Uber like courier delivery app, you have to consider several factors. Most importantly, the following three features must be incorporated into the Uber for Courier app.

Real-time tracking

The Real-time Tracking feature should be integrated into the customer and delivery executive app. The customer can track the delivery executive’s real-time location while delivering the courier using the GPS tracking system. On the flip side, the person who receives the courier can track the courier delivery person’s location.

This feature will allow the customer to specify the pickup and delivery locations on a map. Therefore, the route will not be confused to the delivery executive to collect the customer’s courier and deliver it to the specified location. This facilitates transparency and safety during courier delivery.

Multiple payment gateway integrations

Apart from incorporating the credit/debit card payment option, make sure to include other popular payment gateways such as PayPal, GPay, and much more. This seems more convenient for customers to choose their payment method.

You can even include in-app wallets for payment and COD. Once delivering the courier, let the app generate a digital copy of the courier delivery service bill containing shipment charges, order ID, item description, and date & time of delivery.

Push notifications

Make sure both the customers and receivers receive notification regarding the delivery status via the app. It helps them to know the estimated delivery time and date.

We hope that you develop the Uber for Courier app with these three features incorporated into it.


Indispensable features to consider for courier app development