ink! 3.0: A Rust & Smart Contracts Love Story

ink! 3.0: A Rust & Smart Contracts Love Story

How to build a smart contracts with Ink! 3.0 on Substrate. In this talk, Robin Freyler presents the newest features that ink! 3.0 offers to users

Substrate's Contracts pallet supports Wasm smart contracts. The most popular way to write these contracts is with the Rust-based eDSL called ink!. In this talk, Robin Freyler presents the newest features that ink! 3.0 offers to users, compares them to features of the well known Solidity language, and shows some simple example code written in ink!. If you enjoyed this talk, consider the ink! workshop later in the day.

Talk: ink! 3.0: A Rust & Smart Contracts Love Story Speaker: Robin Freyler - Core Developer, Parity Recorded at Sub0 Online, October 15th, 2020

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