Understanding the New Reactivity System in Vue 3

Understanding the New Reactivity System in Vue 3

Vue 2's reactivity system was good but had limitations. Learn why Vue 3's new, feature-rich reactivity API is far more flexible and powerful than before. Understanding the New Reactivity System in Vue 3

Vue 2's reactivity system was good but had limitations. Learn why Vue 3's new, feature-rich reactivity API is far more flexible and powerful than before.

Reactivity systems are one of the key parts of modern front-end frameworks. They’re the magic wand which makes apps highly interactive, dynamic, and responsive. Understanding what a reactivity system is and how it can be applied in practice is a crucial skill for every web developer.

A reactivity system is a mechanism which automatically keeps in sync a data source (model) with a data representation (view) layer. Every time the model changes, the view is re-rendered to reflect the changes.

Let’s take a simple Markdown editor as an example. It usually has two panes: one for writing the Markdown code (which modifies the underlying model), and one for previewing the compiled HTML (which shows the updated view). When you write something in the writing pane, it’s immediately and automatically previewed in the previewing pane. Of course, this is just a simple example. Often things are far more complex.

In many cases, the data we want to display depends on some other data. In such a scenario, the dependencies are tracked and the data is updated accordingly. For example, let’s say we have a fullName property, which depends on firstName and lastName properties. When any of its dependencies are modified, the fullName property is automatically re-evaluated and the result is displayed in the view.

Now that we’ve established what reactivity is, it’s time to learn how the new Vue 3 reactivity works, and how we can use it in practice. But before we do this, we’ll take a quick look at the old Vue 2 reactivity and its caveats.

A Brief Exploration of Vue 2 Reactivity

Reactivity in Vue 2 is more or less “hidden”. Whatever we put in the data object, Vue makes it reactive implicitly. On the one hand, this makes the developer’s job easier, but on the other hand it leads to less flexibility.

Behind the scenes, Vue 2 uses the ES5 Object.defineProperty() to convert all of the data object’s properties into getters and setters. For each component instance, Vue creates a dependencies watcher instance. Any properties collected/tracked as dependencies during the component’s render are recorded by the watcher. Later on, when a dependency’s setter is triggered, the watcher is notified and the component re-renders and updates the view. This is basically how all the magic works. Unfortunately, there are some caveats.

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