What is DevOps Lifecycle? | How to manage yours

DevOps lifecycle delineates the journey of product development from the start till the end. Its main objective is to eradicate all discrepancies and achieve delivery of products at pace.

Establishing a Creative & Productive DevOps Work Environment

DevOps is so much more than just about how a company develops new features, apps, and software solutions. The approach covers everything from learning how to improve the working environment for teams of engineers to the best tools to use to achieve operational (and developmental) effectiveness and efficiency. The combination allows companies to rely on DevOps for better output quality and improved agility thanks to an inherently better working culture.

Building Microservices with Go

In this Go/ Golang tutorial, learn to build Microservices using Go. You'll learn: How to build the simplest service you can using the standard packages in the Go programming language, How to build RESTful services using the Go standard packages, Building RESTful services using the Go standard packages, Look at the Go Validator package and how it can be used to validate JSON.

Implementing DevOps for Enterprise | Roadmap to getting it done

DevOps for Enterprise means cultivating agile and CI/CD for your development teams. All of it in an enterprise environment. Implementing DevOps for Enterprise isn't what you believe.

Why 'Go' is perfect for DevOps

In this article, we will see why Go is becoming more famous and important in the world of software development, especially when it comes to DevOps.