Why You Should Be Adopting a DevOps Culture in 2020 - DZone DevOps

The year 2020 has arrived, and its arrival brings a lot of innovations and transformations in the Information and Technology (IT) sector to DevOps technologies.

What is DevOps Lifecycle? | How to manage yours

DevOps lifecycle delineates the journey of product development from the start till the end. Its main objective is to eradicate all discrepancies and achieve delivery of products at pace.

What makes DevOps so Important in the 21st Century!

DevOps is a way of doing things. Its emphasis is on improving the collaboration between the software development and operations team for the continuous delivery of high-quality software.

Establishing a Creative & Productive DevOps Work Environment

DevOps is so much more than just about how a company develops new features, apps, and software solutions. The approach covers everything from learning how to improve the working environment for teams of engineers to the best tools to use to achieve operational (and developmental) effectiveness and efficiency. The combination allows companies to rely on DevOps for better output quality and improved agility thanks to an inherently better working culture.

Microservices and Data Management - DZone Microservices

This article describes the nature of microservices applications, contrasts them with monolithic apps, and talk about microservices in data management.