Best Attractive Features Of Shopify e-Commerce CMS

Shopify is a feature-rich platform and has proved to be an ultimate choice for any beginner or seasoned e-commerce professionals. If you are looking into starting a serious business, you must be hustling with the to-do checklist your website would need.

If you are looking into starting a serious business, you must be hustling with the to-do checklist your website would need.

Practically, you will need everything an e-shop needs to run smoothly!

As I was going through a day and night hustle, I needed a user-friendly and intuitive platform that would take care of the other business aspects so I could focus on my products and my craft. 

Before, even I was wondering why everyone is switching to this POS platform, and now Shopify is making sense and everything seamless for me.

From getting mobile responsive website to visually appealing online store, excellent loading site speed to app integrations, and so on…

Personally, I like to have a complete website for my e-commerce business and leave no room for any adjustments.

In addition to all that, finding a huge range of free and premium premade themes, and a POS (Point of Sale) system that allows one to sell their products on the go without any additional tools or any machinery like cash registers, etc., makes Shopify a Shopify - biggest competitor for other hosted eCommerce solutions.

Shopify is a feature-rich platform and has proved to be an ultimate choice for any beginner or seasoned e-commerce professionals.

Features of Shopify:

· Excellent loading speed

· Outstanding customer support

· Mobile Responsiveness

· App Integrations

· Visually Appealing online store

· Drag and drop site builder 

· Templates and designs- Most of these themes are fully customizable

· Product Specific Meta Tags for SEO

· Set up fulfillment solutions like Amazon

· Advanced Inventory Tracking

· Security- Shopify provides their customers with a 99.94% uptime guarantee

· Learning material

· And so on…….

I know it’s such a long list!

In simplest form I can say that Shopify or Shopify Development Service has your back with these and many more other features.

It’s robust App Store has a solution for anything we have wanted to add to our users experience and the back-end reporting helps provide valuable insight in the decision making process.

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Shopify will definitely hit your radar on your quest to choosing the best eCommerce platform for you.

Let’s look at some popular and main features of Shopify:

#1 Customer Support

Ecommerce University!!

Yes, if you don’t want to approach company’s 24/7 full customer support and want to figure out your own problems if you'd like, then…

Shopify support team has been offering great form of help from forums, courses, videos, guides, ebooks, podcasts and success stories to a huge encyclopedia of ecommerce terms, that are enough to get the ideas and learning ins and outs of running your own web store.

#2 Security

What worries you the most when it comes to security?

Distributed Denial of Service attack (Website crash)? Or something else?

Well, whatever it is, it will be taken care of by Shopify Developers by vulnerability management securing backups of all your data and providing Security badges along with the “https” mention and padlock in the URL area of your browser.

Shopify helps you to monitor what's going on with your site and catching problems from malicious hackers to fraudulent transactions.

Moreover, your data and data of your customers will be secure by its shopping cart being hosted on a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant server.

#3 Manage From Mobile

You can manage a lot of your operations from its mobile app that is supported on both Android and iPhone. The app also integrates with 3rd party tools such as Etsy and Amazon so users can effectively manage their inventory and sales over multiple platforms.

There are following tasks that one can perform over its mobile application:

· Contact your team members

· Get order notifications

· See real-time sales information and traffic

· Few conversions stats

· Purchase and print shipping labels

· Fulfill orders as well as offering refunds or archiving

· Add products

· Edit product details such as pricing

· Take and upload product photos

#4 Shopify Payments 

Shopify let’s opening up more opportunity for people from all over the world.

Because it has one of the biggest lists of supported payment gateways out there.

Shopify has created their own payment processor called Shopify Payments as in case you want to avoid getting charged a certain fee per transaction for using a third-party payments processor like Stripe, PayPal, or others.

#5 Templates and Designs

The biggest fascinating thing about it is none of the Shopify themes have Shopify branding.

After all somewhere you all want people to think that you designed the website yourself.

Shopify has understood it well!

On the other hand, one can pay for a theme from more than 100 options or can use some of those free professional themes, customize them as well.

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