How to Convert DateTime to Date Format in SQL Server

How to Convert DateTime to Date Format in SQL Server

How to Convert DateTime to Date Format in SQL Server. Article clarifies the essence of the SQL server date format YYYY-MM-DD and how to convert datetime to this date fomat in SQL Server.

An SQL Server database can store a variety of data types, such as numbers, text strings, Boolean values, dates, etc. However, storing and handling such data have their specificities. The current article will focus on storing dates in an SQL Server database table and converting different types of dates into the SQL Server format YYYY-MM-DD and vice versa.

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YYYY-MM-DD – the Date Format in SQL Server

The SQL Server YYYY-MM-DD data format suggests that the year is marked by four digits e.g., 2021. The month is specified next in 2 digits ranging from 1-12 – e.g., June would be 06. Finally, the day of the month is presented in 2 digits, such as 20. Thus, the date June 06, 2021, will be stored as 2021-06-21. It is the YYYY-MM-DD format for dates in SQL Server databases.

In SQL Server, you can use either Date or DateTime data type to store dates. The difference between the Date and DateTime data types lies in the level of detail in which both the data types store the date information.

  • The DateTime data type stores the date together with the time information in hoursminutes, and seconds.
  • The Date data type only allows you to store the date information without the time information.

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