Top 7 Tips To Become A UI/UX Pro | Hacker Noon

Top 7 Tips To Become A UI/UX Pro | Hacker Noon

Tips & resources to help you get started. 1Familiarize yourself with UI principles. Before practicing design, the first thing you need to do is learn some design principles. ... 2.Learn the creative UX process. ... 3.Develop your eye for design. ... 4.Read design articles everyday. ... 5.Design fake projects. ... 6.Learn the latest web design tools. ... 7.Mentor and get mentored.

Recently, I’ve been receiving similar questions from a lot of people:

  • How can I get more into UI/UX?
  • How do you know what is good design and bad design
  • What does it take to become a designer?

“How do I start?”

This question brings me back to time when we started our design studio.

The first thing you should know is:

"You don’t have to be born with it."

We’re not some unicorn creatures that were meant to be designers and were just born artistic like that. Design is learned. Design is about solving problems. It’s a process of constantly finding problems and creating solutions for them.

There are many areas of design: UI, UX, product designers, graphic designers, interaction designers, information architect, and the list goes on. Start by figuring out which specialty interest you more. For now, let’s focus on the most common type: a mix of interface and experience: UI/UX designer.

1. Familiarize yourself with UI principles.

Before practicing design, the first thing you need to do is learn some design principles. From this, you’ll be able to enter the design world and start thinking “creatively”. You will learn the psychological aspects of design: why it can look good and why it can fail.

Here are some basic principles you should know about.

1. Color

Color vocabulary, fundamentals and the psychology of colors.

Principles of design: Color

2. Balance

Symmetry and assymetry.

Principles of design: Balance

3. Contrast

Using contrast to organize information, build hierarchy and create focus.

Principles of design: contrast

4. Typography

Choosing fonts and creating readable text on the web.

10 Principles Of Readability And Web Typography

5. Consistency

The most important principle, creating intuitive and usable designs starts here.

Design principle: Consistency

Here** are some great do’s and don’ts to design a good UI.**

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