Старт 9 ноября, Москва и СПб: интенсив «Fullstack-разработчик. JavaScript»

Старт 9 ноября, Москва и СПб: интенсив «Fullstack-разработчик. JavaScript»

За 3 месяца овладеете необходимыми знаниями по JavaScript и основным инструментам, которые позволят трудоустроиться на позицию разработчика.

On November 9, a new stream starts at the Elbrus Coding Bootcamp programming school .

What does training look like?

Elbrus is a kind of internship taught by developers from IT companies. For the period of study, students will be completely disconnected from all tasks, except programming:

  • from 9:00 to 19:00 every weekday they will be in the bootcamp - this is> 540 hours of practice;
  • will study theory, will program in pairs and individually and will be able to do real projects in teams;
  • create alternatives to Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook;
  • will receive full support in employment: a team of coaches will go with the students all the way - prepare for interviews and help write a resume.

What will be taught?

The training lasts 3 months and consists of 4 phases.

First, the basics: algorithms, data structures, testing, as well as HTML5 + CSS3 layout and programming in modern JavaScript.

When you hone your basic skills, web development will begin: the backend on Node.js and Express, interacting with databases, the frontend - on the React + Redux bundle. They will also teach end-to-end testing, automation of routine tasks and security on the web.

What about employment?

After defending the final projects and receiving certificates, the graduates will begin their career week. They will help you to compose a resume and replenish your portfolio with completed projects, will tell you how to pass interviews.

Also, the Elbrus HR team conducts trainings with students aimed at developing soft skills.

Learning outcomes can be judged by studying the stories of those who are already employed. Every week Elbrus holds an open house where alumni are invited: get to know everything firsthand. There is also a lot of information on this topic on the  school's social networks .

How to apply to bootcamp?

Pass an exam on basic JavaScript syntax.

The next face-to-face stream will start on November 9 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The exam must be passed before  November 1 .

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