Get a Jump Into GitHub Actions

Get a Jump Into GitHub Actions

Get a Jump Into GitHub Actions. Any webhook in GitHub you can automate with GitHub Actions. A Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub, for a webinar to help you jump into GitHub Actions. That get sent out when a pull request review does not complete within a specified time.

This article outlines the highlights of a recent webinar that Angie Jones of Applitools hosted, featuring Brian Douglas, a Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub.

On January 27, 2021,  Angie Jones of Applitools hosted  Brian Douglas, aka "bdougie", a Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub, for a webinar to help you jump into  GitHub Actions. You can watch the  entire webinar on YouTube. This article goes through the highlights for you.


Brian Douglas and Angie Jones infographic.

Angie Jones serves as Senior Director of Test Automation University and as Principal Developer Advocate at Applitools. She tweets at @techgirl1908, and her website  here. 

Brian Douglas serves as the Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub. Insiders know him as the "Beyoncé of GitHub." He blogs  here and tweets as @bdougieYO.

They ran their webinar as a question-and-answer session. In the subsections below are some of the key ideas covered.

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