A comprehensive overview of MVP requirements | SpdLoad

A comprehensive overview of MVP requirements | SpdLoad

Short article about what is MVP requirements, if you need them and what them includes.

When it comes to MVPs there are several requirements. On the one hand, we have business requirements, which are a description of how you plan to solve your customers’ pain points. Let’s take a look at TikTok, a giant in the entertainment market that rose to success quickly.

TikTok is “The mobile application, that allows users to make and share short music videos”. Whilst this simple sentence contains high-level requirements, it has only a general description of the applications goals and features.

No developer would understand what to do with it and that is the tricky part. A founder sees the product as a whole but to actually build a product you need to know the details for every possible interaction. We refer to these details as “user requirements” and they show us what the user is able to do when using the app.

A good way to document these requirements is to use the ‘event – feedback’ format. This process involves describing every action on each screen of your product, which then goes on to form your technical requirements.

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