Less Effort, Swift E-Commerce Integration on a Kirby CMS Site

Less Effort, Swift E-Commerce Integration on a Kirby CMS Site

Learn how developer Sam Wightwick sells online for Less Effort, his streetwear brand, using Snipcart's HTML/JS shopping cart and Kirby CMS.

For this case study, we interview Sam Wightwick, a creative frontend developer who's been in various London agencies for the past 8 years.

Web developer by trade, Sam has also worked on design projects and is passionate about visuals, be it websites, graffiti, or photography. He chose Snipcart to power the online store of Less Effort, a streetwear collective he co-founded. We're happy to have him on the blog discussing his e-commerce experience with our product.

Here's hoping Sam's answers convince other developers to try their hand at frontend-based e-commerce with our HTML/JS shopping cart!

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